01 . Guest request option.

$5 - $10

02. Played request on show, 1 per donation.

$10 - $20

03. Name plug during show and on SN.

$20 - $50

04. Corpsepaint swag hookup.

$50 - $75
05. Sit in during a live show. 

$80 - $125
06. Business logo on all sponsored show flyers.


7. Guest spot on show. Entire show dedicated to your brand.

$1000 and up

08. Personal promotional video / bumper made to promote your brand. Played live during show and posted all over SN and Corpsepaint website. (During duration of sponsorship)

Please put your name, and contact info in the NOTES section when you submit.

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UPLIFT your life by going underground, and supporting independent artists.  


Please donate to the underground platform.  When you are looking for a live connection with metal musicians from the world over, where do you turn ?  


When you want to see how independent filmmakers operate, where do you turn ?  


​Your donation is important because it keeps the programs afloat​.  Your donation of $5 or $10 will make an impact !    Your assistance makes the programs possible. 

Please help us to keep bringing the underground alt-celebs in horror, metal, extreme punk, Goth , etc.  My studio fees are hefty.   

Thank you.  

--The Corpsepaint Crew