In Association wth Gas Monkey Live/ Gas Monkey Bar & Grill Dallas, please get your ass to these crushing metal shows presented by The Corpsepaint Show : 

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2019.05.12 - Deicide  (LSF edit).jpg
2019.05.26 - BeastoBlanco (LSF edit).jpg
2019.05.10 - Chaos and Carnage (LSF edit
2019.05.06 - the69eyes (LSF edit).jpg
2019.04.17 - Kalmah (LSF edit).jpg
2019.04.13 - GMBG_Combichrist (LSF edit)
2019.04.04 - Aborted_web (LSF edit).jpg
Lords of Chaos flyer.jpg
Nov 9th Flyer 01 - web.jpg
big flyer set website25mb.jpg
Radio launch.jpg