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The Corpsepaint Show


The Corpsepaint Show is a music TV series, airing LIVE each Sunday at 6 PM Dallas time. 


We are a TV forum for independent artists, filmmakers, musicians, and underground creatives.  We cover Metal, Horror and Punk  -- also favoring composers of all dark styles such as darkwave, synth-wave, and vapor wave. 


We generally walk the Left Hand Path, and do not favor the mainstream.     


Our studio is in Dallas, Texas. 


The Corpsepaint Show, an underground weekly Live. The show features hosts Satan and Lily Lurid discussing all things metal, punk and horror with extreme metal musicians, lesser-known filmmakers and alt-celebs ranging from scream queens to burlesque and sideshow performers to Bruce Campbell.

You can catch the show live from 6-7:30 p.m.every Sunday night on the Dallas-based Pod City Podcast Network. 


--David Fletcher, Dallas Observer 2018


DJ. Satan

The Crew

Lily Lurid



Metal, Doom & DEATH!!!

DJ Satan is the host of the Corpsepaint Show as well as the MC for Deadly Sins Burlesque & Sideshow.  DJ Satan goes to the depths bringing underground metal and horror to the surface for all to hear and see. DJ Satan believes in art, peace, female empowerment, METAL & HORROR!

Studied arts & technology at the University of Oklahoma. Ziggy works with all the pod city podcast shows as a producer making all their content flow smoothly. Ziggy also performs his stand up comedy regularly in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Lily Lurid is our Norse pagan goddess and Corpsepaint Show co-host.  She is a vampire by night and all-around bad girl.  She likes it spooky. 

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